How to Make Slime

An Introduction to Polymer Chemistry Whether you want to introduce students to polymers, engage them with a fun science demo, […]

UV light bulb

Bloody Chlorophyll Lab

“Scare” your students by exciting the electrons of chlorophyll molecules with black light, causing the molecules to release their energy […]


Kool-Aid® Chromatography

Chromatography is an important technique in the chemistry lab. This activity uses a popular beverage for a safe, engaging lab […]

Move Your Classroom Outside

Outdoor Learning Activities Spring is in the air, and if your students are like mine, they’re just itching to be […]

Egg Vacuum Activity

If you are looking for an attention-getting demonstration of the gas laws for physical science students at any grade level, […]

ice cream

Making Ice Cream

Demonstrate the colligative property freezing-point depression and make edible ice cream at the same time. This safe, inexpensive, and engaging experiment works well for a science night, open house, kids’ group, or anywhere fun and science meet. Using table salt, reduce the temperature of a mix of ice and liquid water to below the freezing point of water. After 5 minutes, open the cup for a tasty treat.