Plan Your Semester

Safety Responsibilities

Before students return in the fall, take steps to ensure a successful, mishap-free year of science teaching. We have the safety resources to help!

Pacing Guides

Successfully address phenomena throughout the school year with these week-by-week lab activity planning and pacing guides.

Lab Material Lists

We worked with lab specifications from schools around the country to develop custom material lists for the most common labs.

Buying Guides

We've developed buying guides to help teachers find hands-on labs, materials, and content to be successful in the classroom.

why choose us?

Carolina Kits

Explore hands-on materials supplemented with print and digital activities and excercises that focus on student success.

Comprehensive Teacher Manuals

We lay it all out—overview, objectives, time requirements, materials, prep, full teaching guide and student guides, and more. 

Guided Inquiry Approach

Many of our kits focus on this teaching technique so students learn by thinking their way through the activity rather than being told what to do utilizing short-term memorization, which does not last.

We Save You Time

We are committed to providing the lab kits, instructional materials, and often free activities and supporting digital resources that do as much heavy lifting for you as we can. 

Looking for AP® Resources?

We have resources designed for the new AP curriculum as well as labs that follow the traditional curriculum. Help your students make sense of phenomena as they build understanding of the core concepts.

Refresh Your Lab Skills

Explore our Carolina LabSkills resources for lab demonstrations, basic lab techniques, how-to videos, lab handouts, and much more.

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