Body Systems

Our body systems guide provides you with informational links about each body system where you will find important information students need to know.

Human Organs Resources

Take a deeper dive into the anatomy and physiology of specific organs and structures within the human body.

Classroom Activities

From student-centered investigations to more guided inquiry, explore step by step activities and materials to help you plan your lesson.

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Equip your labs with Preserved Materials, Models, Physiology Kits, and Slides that give students every opportunity for success.

Carolina Can Help

Resources That Support the Way You Teach

Anatomy and physiology (A&P) is such a high-stakes endeavor for your students. All of them will be challenged, some will excel, and many will struggle to master it – even though career goals and dreams are on the line.

As an instructor, you have a never-ending challenge and a stake in this, too. Budgets are rarely big enough for everything on your wish list; teaching and lab prep time are limited; and yet, student success will have a direct impact on you and your career. Though the challenges your students face are significant, they want to be surgeons, nurses, vets, and doctors. You’re going to help them succeed. We’re here to help you, as you help them.

Carolina Biological Supply Company has developed each of the resources you’ll find on this site for one reason – we want to help you optimize the teaching and learning experience in your A&P labs and classes.A&P will never be an easy class, but our content experts have drawn on trusted pedagogy, their personal experience as teachers, and feedback from among the hundreds of thousands of students who have used our materials to master A&P.


Carolina® materials are designed to deliver consistent lab results and take the complexity out of planning and setup, so you can focus on helping your students understand the concepts they need to win in A&P.

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