Health Science Simulators

by Carolina Staff

Interactive simulators offer a comprehensive training environment for students and health care professionals. This technology provides realistic scenarios in which users are immersed in lifelike medical situations, allowing them to hone their skills and decision-making abilities in a safe and controlled setting.

Our simulators offer an invaluable opportunity to practice procedures, diagnose conditions, and collaborate with colleagues. Shop with confidence knowing that you’re helping your students become the best health care professionals possible.

Advanced Simulators

Advanced health care simulators use cutting-edge technology to replicate real-life medical scenarios. Allow students to experience realistic feedback and interactions in a controlled environment with the use of these simulators. Check out ALEX, a Patient Communication Simulator that sees, listens, and responds using artificial intelligence (AI). 

Nursing and Patient Care

Nursing and patient care simulators provide valuable training for aspiring nurses and health care professionals. These simulators mimic various patient scenarios and allow students to practice techniques such as venipuncture and injection, suturing, airway management, and catheterization in a safe, risk-free environment. 


Prepare your students for any emergency with the vital training needed to respond to critical scenarios. Students can practice bandaging, CPR, advanced life support, and much more. This experience provides the confidence they need to perform these skills when they’re needed most. 

Parenting and Child Development

Give students a hands-on experience with the responsibilities and challenges of caring for a baby. Ready-or-Not Tots provide students with a safe environment to learn and practice valuable caregiving skills. Students feed, soothe, and diaper these realistic baby simulators as they cry, coo, and burp. Students will gain valuable insights into child development and caregiving practices using these simulators.


Specialized simulators allow students and professionals to learn without the use of live animals. They provide valuable training experience for veterinary technicians, nurses, and veterinarians. Veterinary simulators enable students to practice skills unique to the health care needs of animals. See CasPeR the CPR Dog!

Health Science Simulators

Explore our Health Science Simulators Shopping List. Select the simulators that work best for your classroom, easily complete your purchase, and get back to your students. Be sure to check back for new product offerings.

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