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Body Systems

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The human body has 11 main body or organ systems. These systems are made up of organs and other structures that work together to carry out specific functions. Understanding the relationship between the structures within a system and their functions, as well as how the systems work together, is very important in biology. This guide provides you with informational links about each body system where you will find important information students need to know, free digital resources, and suggestions for hands-on labs and products that strengthen student learning.

To better help you teach each body system, explore the resources and products at the links below. They include:

  • Engaging, printable infographics for each body system
  • Hands-on student activities
  • Articles with student assessment
  • Product recommendations from the experts, including dissection specimens, anatomical models, microscope slides, lab kits, and more!

Individual Body Systems

All Body Systems

If time is limited and you are looking for products and resources you can use to cover multiple body systems in one lab or in a short period of time, check out the options below.

228388 Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Preserved Pigs
227975 Comparative Mammalian Organ Dissection Kit
399475 Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model®: Cat Paper Dissection
569522 Carolina® Human Dual Sex Torso Model with Open Back
576720 See-Through Sally® Human Anatomy Chart Set
311974 Introductory Histology Microscope Slide Set

Additional Body System Support

We have free resources to help you teach this concept, including:

Dissecting preserved specimens plays an important role in biology education—but teaching dissection labs for the first time can be stressful. Our free guides and resources can take some of the stress out of teaching your first (or first in a while) dissection lab.

Try one of these:

For More Guidance

These are our top picks. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to help you find the right activities and kits to simplify your planning and implementation. If you have questions, please contact us at

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