Reproductive System

by Carolina Staff
human fertilization

Reproductive System

It’s time to have the sex talk! We have materials to help make teaching the reproductive system easy and less stressful. Learn more.

It’s time to have the sex talk! No reason to blush or get embarrassed. This can be difficult material for the most seasoned educator. Unlike some of the other body systems, the reproductive system involves sidebar discussions that may raise uncomfortable topics for some. Not to worry, we have materials to help make teaching the reproductive system easy and less stressful.

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Sexual and asexual reproduction

Before they begin to study the human reproductive system, students may need to be reminded that reproduction can happen in 2 very different ways–sexually and asexually. As a quick review, have them read this short article comparing the reproductive methods and complete the exercise at the end.


To introduce the human reproductive system, share our free infographic with your students. This visual resource depicts the structures and functions of both the male and female human reproductive systems.

Reproductive System Infographic

Support for your teaching

Carolina offers several different products that will support your teaching of the human reproductive system. A hands-on dissection of large mammalian organs is always a great way to make an impact on students. We offer preserved bull testicles and pregnant pig uteri for this body system.

Our large selection of anatomical models is also a wonderful way to reinforce the structures of the reproductive system. Check out our popular human male and female half pelvis models. We also have a human pelvis with embryo model, human ovary model, and spermatogenesis model. Perhaps a comparative microscopy study using female and male reproductive slides will add the histological details your students need to master the reproductive system. We have everything you need!

Students are sometimes inclined to think they know everything about the reproductive system, but they need detailed, up-to-date, and accurate instruction. This system is complex and has been evolving for many years. We’re here to help you with materials and supplies to ensure your students get the best instruction possible.

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Marley February 27, 2023 - 5:41 pm

Thank you for the explanation. My class understood it much more.


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