Photosynthesis Modeling with Pop Beads

While studying photosynthesis, students can have difficulty understanding how the carbon in CO2 becomes the carbon in glucose (6H2O + 6CO2→C6H12O6 + […]

red maple leaf

Autumn Leaves Craft Project

This activity takes a look at autumn leaves as objects of aesthetic beauty and scientific interest. For this activity, each […]

UV light bulb

Bloody Chlorophyll Lab

“Scare” your students by exciting the electrons of chlorophyll molecules with black light, causing the molecules to release their energy […]

Move Your Classroom Outside

Outdoor Learning Activities Spring is in the air, and if your students are like mine, they’re just itching to be […]

plant biodiversity

Plant Biodiversity Field Activity

Take your class outdoors to study biodiversity. What is biodiversity? Simply stated, biodiversity is the number and variety of organisms […]

fried egg

Cooking Eggs with Chemicals

A demonstration of denaturing protein Introduce high school biology and chemistry students to the concept of denatured proteins with this […]

chicken wing

Chicken Wing Musculature

Explore the structures and functions of muscle tissue Essential question What are the structures and functions of muscle tissue? Objectives […]