Activities with UV Beads

Ultraviolet-sensitive beads change color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Students can use these beads to perform inquiry-based experiments to […]

A wooden canoe sits on the water's edge

Boats and Buoyancy

Investigate physical science and engineering concepts including buoyancy, displacement, and density. Students construct an aluminum foil boat prototype and measure how much weight their boat can carry before taking on water or sinking.

Multimeter is used to measure an electric current.

Dollar Store Single Function Signal Generator

In this activity, students use a solar-powered model, such as the dancing flowers often sold at discount variety stores. They carefully disassemble the plastic housing and attach a sensor to the capacitor, then use probe ware to graph the voltage across the capacitor.


Do-It-Yourself Snowflakes

Snow delights most students and frustrates most teachers. Please everyone when you create snowflakes in the comfort of your classroom. […]


Crystallization Investigation

Crystallization through precipitation lab Crystals are solids that form when molecules join in a regular repeating pattern. Crystals mesmerized humans […]


3-D Imaging: The Mystery Unlocked

Seeing the Solar System in a New Dimension Moviegoers are demanding more from their sensory experience, and 3-D viewing has […]