Model of an atom

A New Approach to Teaching Atomic Theory

For chemistry teacher Siobhan Julian, teaching the history of atomic theory by lecture “was dry and tedious and boring for everyone involved.” Then she took a fresh approach—one that focuses on doing science to learn science history.

Let’s Do S’more Chemistry!

Introduction This laboratory activity explores the topics of stoichiometry and limiting reactants in a fun, delicious way! Mass/mole relationships and […]

dry ice chemistry demo

Foaming Rainbow Demonstration

Dry ice is added to a basic solution of dish detergent and universal indicator. Commercially, dry ice is used as […]

Borax Snowflakes

Borax Snowflake

This lab activity will guarantee a snow day! Teach solutions and crystallization while making snowflake decorations for your classroom. Looking […]


How to Make Slime

An Introduction to Polymer Chemistry Whether you want to introduce students to polymers, engage them with a fun science demo, […]


Kool-Aid® Chromatography

Chromatography is an important technique in the chemistry lab. This activity uses a popular beverage for a safe, engaging lab […]