Multimeter is used to measure an electric current.

Dollar Store Single Function Signal Generator

In this activity, students use a solar-powered model, such as the dancing flowers often sold at discount variety stores. They carefully disassemble the plastic housing and attach a sensor to the capacitor, then use probe ware to graph the voltage across the capacitor.

Colorful liquids

Acid-Base Indicators

This introduction to acid-base indicators includes a helpful table of Carolina’s indicator ranges, the pH values of common household acids and bases, plus a fun invisible ink demonstration that you and your students will enjoy.

juice is fermented by yeast in jars

Fermentation by Yeast

A study of fermentation by yeast is an interesting extension of AP* Biology Lab 5 Cell Respiration. It also offers […]

A balloon expands in a vacuum

Demonstrations with a Vacuum Pump

Every physics and physical science student will eventually encounter gas laws or equations of state. These are the familiar Charles’s […]

Colorful & Tasty

Determining Flavor

The Connection Between Taste, Smell, and Flavor The sense of taste and smell are closely related. Humans can distinguish 5 […]


Do-It-Yourself Snowflakes

Snow delights most students and frustrates most teachers. Please everyone when you create snowflakes in the comfort of your classroom. […]

Lower Leg

The Anatomy of a Human Leg

Sculpting the musculature of the lower leg Human anatomy is often taught using a systems approach—skeletal system, nervous system, digestive […]

Borax Snowflakes

Borax Snowflake

This lab activity will guarantee a snow day! Teach solutions and crystallization while making snowflake decorations for your classroom. Looking […]

red maple leaf

Autumn Leaves Craft Project

This activity takes a look at autumn leaves as objects of aesthetic beauty and scientific interest. For this activity, each […]