Carolina Biological Supply Company and the Association for Science Teacher Education

by carolinastaff

Partners in supporting K–12 science teachers

Carolina has partnered with the ASTE to support K–12 science teachers. Both organizations share a common goal of improving the state of science education in the United States. Carolina’s aim is to provide new teachers with the resources they need to overcome the challenges they face in teaching science, such as mastering new standards and learning modalities. The turnover rate of new science teachers is high, which affects the overall state of science education. With better support for new science teachers, it’s hoped that the turnover rate can be reduced, and the state of science education, improved.

Providing resources

As part of the partnership, Carolina is offering ASTE members new to teaching valuable resources to start their classroom careers, including free or discounted supplies, while also advocating for STEM education strategies using emergency funds.

Providing funds

Carolina will fund five honorees in 2023 through ASTE’s annual Honorarium Awards program and fund the annual John C. Park NTLI award of $1,200. Carolina’s own Dream Big initiative awards three educators $1,000 of Carolina supplies to realize their classrooms’ big dreams.

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