CSO Tips for Teachers: Time Requirements

by carolinastaff

Do you know the benefits of using Carolina Kits 3D labs on CSO? Set yourself up for success with these tips.

Clear timetables

Timing is everything, especially when planning a hands-on lab. You need to know how much time to allot for preparation and the expected student completion time for each activity.

Every Carolina Kits 3D lab has a timetable detailing the amount of time needed for planning, activity segments, and assessment. Every minute counts for you and your students. The timetables in each kit also provide good stopping points in case your class period is cut short by an unforeseen event, like a staff meeting or an early dismissal.

Digital teacher’s manuals available anytime, anywhere

Teacher’s manuals are housed on CSO, so whenever or wherever you plan, your materials are always at hand and accessible on any device. Add helpful reminders with notes, highlight important text, enlarge images and text, and locate topics of interest with a quick keyword search.

Printed manuals are available

Do you prefer a printed teacher’s manual? Every Carolina Kits 3D lab provides a comprehensive manual.

The following table outlines what to expect for time requirements:

Sample time requirements table from printed teacher’s manual.

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