Superworms crawl over a ruler

Superworms and Darkling Beetles

Superworms and darkling beetles are great tools for the classroom. With the right care, these insects can help students observe numerous biological concepts in action.

Synthetic Blood

Carolina® Synthetic Blood has several advantages over other suppliers’ products, which usually depend on chemical reactions producing insoluble salts that precipitate from solutions. These products do not give visually realistic results. In actual blood typing, red blood cells form clumps (the agglutination reaction) that separate from the blood plasma. When mixed the appropriate synthetic antiserum, Carolina® Synthetic Blood forms clumps in the same way, for a realistic blood typing result. It’s the closest to authentic blood typing that you can get without using real blood.

Balances Buying Guide

When considering which balance is best for your application, the first decision you’ll need to make is whether to choose […]

Preserved Frogs

Packaging Options for Preserved Specimens

Pail-packed or vacuum-packed specimens? Compare the advantages of these package types before you decide. Pail-packed specimens Pail-packed specimens are packaged […]

bug catching

Care Guides for Living Organisms

Helping you provide the right care for your critters. Using living organisms for labs and instruction can greatly enhance and […]

Electrophoresis Kits

Which Electrophoresis Kit Is Right for You?

Use this companion guide to compare kit characteristics so you can prepare yourself and your lab accordingly.

Electrophoresis of DNA is a fundamental technique in biotechnology that covers a variety of subject material on the structure and function of DNA. Carolina makes the study of electrophoresis attainable for any classroom by offering a number of kits that include valuable teacher resources.