Wetting Solution FAQs

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Carolina’s Wetting Solution® is a proprietary fluid that inhibits mold growth, maintains moisture, and keeps tissues pliable and easy to manipulate on preserved specimens.

Spray generously directly on preserved specimens after exposure to air, prior to storage. If the dissection runs several hours, you can spray the specimen periodically to keep the tissues moist and pliable.

Apply directly after each dissection lab, prior to storage, and during long dissection sessions.

Not if specimens are stored correctly (at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, sealed with minimal air). However, we do suggest inspecting the specimens frequently. If you notice any drying, remove the specimens and spray liberally.

If there is no environmental exposure to mold and the specimen is stored properly, the solution should last several days to weeks between dissection labs.

Holding fluids are for completely submerging preserved specimens for long-term storage. Wetting solutions are not for this purpose, only for short-term handling or display of specimens.

It can be stored directly on a shelf. No refrigeration or special storage is required.

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