CSO Tips for Teachers: Interactive Lessons and Simulations

by carolinastaff

Do you know the benefits of using Carolina Kits 3D labs on CSO? Set yourself up for success with these tips.

Resources to save you time

Carolina Kits 3D labs include resources to save you time and help you get more out of the lessons. With the dissection techniques video in the Frog Dissection BioKit, students can watch independently at home or as a class in a prelab activity (and on a mobile phone once the dissection has begun). You’ll spend less time fielding individual student questions.

Share with ease

Share a pre-dissection activity, review activity, or assessment on the fly, in seconds. Example: Structure Matching offers an interactive lesson in which students use drop-down labels to identify the parts of a frog’s major body systems. Would you like to really grab your students’ attention? How about a slow-motion video of a frog catching a cricket? This phenomenon video is just one example of the interactive lessons and simulations on Carolina Science Online.

Go to the next level

Even better than identifying body systems and parts with a graphic is using a dissected specimen. Students have that option with the interactive lesson called Label Your Own Specimen. They upload photos of their dissected specimen, identify systems and organs, then place and add labels. The activity is ideal for assessment, review, and remote learning, and could even take the place of a dissection lab practical.

Ready to get started?

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