Carolina Perfect Solution® Specimen Comparison

No need to compromise

What if you could provide your students with a higher quality preserved specimen and an enhanced dissection experience while at the same time improving the safety of your learning environment? Does this sound too good to be true? We have developed a preservation formula that produces superior specimens without compromising classroom or lab safety. Carolina’s Perfect Solution® addresses the need for an alternative to traditional formaldehyde-preserved specimens.

You and your students deserve—and we want you to have—the very best and safest preserved specimens available. Our unique preservation method provides slow firming action that results in more life-like tissues and organs with natural vivid colors and texture. Teachers and students that have worked with Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens in the past have consistently been impressed with what they have seen and experienced.

Independent, certified laboratory analysis of specimens fixed in Carolina’s Perfect Solution® have found them to be nontoxic and free of dangerous off-gassing. Classrooms and labs using Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens do not require specialized ventilation. However, some active ventilation is recommended when working with any preserved specimens or chemicals. The safe nature of Carolina’s Perfect Solution® also means that in most localities there are no mandated disposal requirements. Be sure to check with local sewer and landfill authorities, as procedures may vary.

Compare and see for yourself

To illustrate the effectiveness of Carolina’s Perfect Solution® in providing high-quality specimens, we have compared it to some “formaldehyde-free” alternatives. The external differences are evident, but the more striking differences appear internally after closer examination of the tissues and organs.

Which Specimen Looks More Natural to You?

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Specimen

  • Lifelike, natural external appearance
  • Amazing color and texture
  • Easy to identify tissues, organs, and systems

Competitor’s Specimen

  • Dark, unnatural external appearance
  • Difficult to identify tissues, organs, and systems
  • Dry, discolored tissue

Which Bullfrog Would You Rather Dissect?

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Specimen

  • Vivid colors allow for easy identification of internal tissues, organs, and systems
  • Expertly injected to facilitate studies of the circulatory system
  • Tissues are pliable and easy to dissect

Competitor’s Specimen

  • Injection spread out in body cavity, making it more difficult to identify structures
  • Lack of contrasting colors to aid in identifying tissues, organs, and systems
  • Tissues are dry and brittle

The Obvious Choice for Quality

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Specimen

  • Lifelike tissue texture and color
  • Superior fixation designed for extended classroom use
  • Pliable—easy to dissect

Competitor’s Specimen

  • Dark, unnatural appearance
  • Poor preservation resulting in breakdown of internal tissues
  • Dry tissue—hard to dissect

Compare and See for Yourself

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Specimen

  • High-quality preservation allows for in-depth study of musculature
  • Easy to identify tissues, organs, and systems
  • Superior tissue color, texture, and quality

Competitor’s Specimen

  • Dark, dry tissues make it difficult to identify muscle tissue
  • Difficult to identify tissues, organs, and systems
  • Unacceptable tissue color, texture and quality

Confused by all the claims?

Other preserved specimens are claimed to be “formaldehyde-free,” but only Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens:

  • Do not attempt to mask a formaldehyde scent with other chemicals
  • Are not fixed initially with formalin and then perfused with another “formalin-free” alternative
  • Do not use other potentially harmful chemicals such as glutaraldehyde in the fixing process

Try Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens at no risk

We are so confident that Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens are the best specimens available, we make you this offer: Try one! If you’re not completely satisfied that the specimen’s quality and safety are unsurpassed, we will credit your account.

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