juice is fermented by yeast in jars

Fermentation by Yeast

A study of fermentation by yeast is an interesting extension of AP* Biology Lab 5 Cell Respiration. It also offers […]

cheese making

Cheese Making

An Interdisciplinary Science Exploration Evidence suggests that people have been making cheese for at least several thousand years. In the […]

Microbiology Buying Guide

Get everything you need to teach your microbiology labs in one place. Carolina is here to provide everything you need […]

microbiology culture

Popular Microbiology Labs

Below is a list of popular microbiology labs and some resources that Carolina has available to help support those labs. […]

bacillus subtilis (rods)

Isolating Bacteria from a Mixture

Carolina Labsheets™ In this lab, students are introduced to a basic technique used in the study of bacteria: isolating a […]


Bacteriophages in Human Disease

Friends and Foes Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria. They are a major agent of horizontal gene transfer between bacteria—a […]

Biological Media Guide

Carolina offers microbiological media for laboratory use, including pre-poured media and melt-and-pour bottles. The biological media you choose for your […]