Microbiology Buying Guide

by Carolina Staff

Get everything you need to teach your microbiology labs in one place.

Carolina is here to provide everything you need to teach your microbiology labs. We have solutions that focus on lab skills and advanced college-level microbiology education. Choose from many relevant topics, including culture growth and identification, antibiotic resistance, and environmental sampling.

Want more assistance? Call our customer support team at 800.334.5551 and let our staff and technical experts help you find the products that fit your needs. Shop with confidence–all of our products are unconditionally guaranteed.


Carolina offers a large selection of cultures. From Chlorella to bioluminescent dinoflagellatesAspergillus to Sordaria, we have what you need to fascinate your students and bring hands-on learning to your classroom. Our cultures are available in economical tube cultures, convenient plate cultures, or freeze-dried MicroKwik Cultures. Each culture contains enough material for a class of 30 students. We maintain a large inventory of cultures in stock for immediate delivery, so you can always depend on getting what you need when you need it. Our cultures are also available in kits and sets.


Bacterial labs frequently form the backbone of the microbiology class. Carolina has over 100 bacteria cultures. From evolution to food microbiology, bacteria support studies that relate to real-world applications. Find microorganisms that are safe and suitable for all skill levels.

Studying a variety of species is easy with our competitively-priced topic sets.

Archaea (Halobacterium)

Halobacterium sp. NRC-1, Living, Plate

The group of microorganisms known as Archaea offer many examples of extremophiles. Use Halobacterium to demonstrate a tolerance to high salt concentrations.

Did you know Carolina cultures are used for education and research at institutions all over the world–and even beyond? Check out this video of an experiment in space that uses Halobacterium from Carolina.

Fungi and Protists

Sordaria fimicola (Fungi Cultures)

The microbiome isn’t entirely prokaryotes. Fungi and protists make up an essential part of the microbial landscape. From Penicillium to Paramecium, we offer more than 60 fungal and protozoan cultures.

Fungi and protists play an important role in the treatment of diseases and in the production of antibiotics. Other eukaryotic microbes, such as Penicillium roqueforti and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, play important roles in food production.

Microbiology Media

Prepared Media Bottles

Good microbiology labs start with good media. Don’t forget to order your culture media, culture media ingredients, and culture additives. We also provide pooled animal blood and plasma products that are ideal for virologic and serological work and for use in microbiological culture media. All our media products are free of antibiotics and pesticides. The media have been sterility tested and are quality assured. Not sure which media is right for you? Check out some of our media-focused digital resources for more information.

Dehydrated Media

Assortment of Dehydrated Media

We have a wide variety of dehydrated media to choose from. Our most popular choices can be purchased in 100-g and 500-g sizes. Using dehydrated media is the most cost-effective option since it has a long shelf life.

Media Ingredients

Making your own media is easy with our high-quality additives like pooled animal bloods, plasmas, and specific sugar substrates. Looking to create your own specialized media plate? Carolina has you covered! Contact us at 800.334.5551 if you don’t see what you need.

Prepared Media

Using prepared media is a great way to save time in the lab. Our prepared media is available in tubes, broth, plates and melt-and-pour bottles. Prepared media tubes minimize the risk of contamination while extending the storage life of the media. Our melt-and-pour media bottles are convenient and easy to use. Just melt in a microwave or boiling water bath and pour your plates–no autoclave required! We also offer a variety of prepared media plates that have been tested for sterility and their ability to support the characteristic growth of appropriate organisms.

Equipment and Supplies

Get the high-quality equipment and supplies you need to create a safe and sterile environment for your microbiology labs.

Biological Stains

Comprehensive Stain Set

Carolina offers convenient stain sets that are already prepared and ready to use. We supply large comprehensive stain sets as well as basic Gram stain sets to aid in the exploration of cell structure and classification.


Maintaining a sterile lab is key to a successful lab experience. Choose the autoclave or sterilizer that meets your lab or classroom needs. Sterilization is quick, easy, and safe! We have manual or automatic autoclaves and infrared sterilizers that can sterilize instruments in just 5 to 7 seconds. Sterilizers have asbestos-free ceramic core heater elements. We carry Carolina, Tuttnauer, and Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry brands.


Introduction to Sterile Technique Kit

We offer sterile, disposable inoculating loops which eliminate the need for open flame in the lab. Sterile cotton-tipped applicators are perfect for inoculating media. Easy to use colony counters allow you to accurately maximize your time in the lab.

Below is a list of popular microbiology labs and some resources that Carolina has available to help support those labs. Procedures for several of these lab activities are available in our free guide Techniques for Studying Bacteria and Fungi. Many of the labs include reusable supplies.

Carolina offers kits to cover many popular microbiology labs. Check out our guide below. Procedures for several of these lab activities are available in our free guide Techniques for Studying Bacteria and Fungi. Many of the labs include reusable supplies.

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