Anatomy model

Anatomy and Physiology: Human Organs

Take a deeper dive into the anatomy and physiology of specific organs and structures within the human body. Use our student-ready infographics to introduce each key body part. Encourage students to apply their knowledge of each system by investigating health-focused case studies related to each structure.

Synthetic Blood

Carolina® Synthetic Blood has several advantages over other suppliers’ products, which usually depend on chemical reactions producing insoluble salts that precipitate from solutions. These products do not give visually realistic results. In actual blood typing, red blood cells form clumps (the agglutination reaction) that separate from the blood plasma. When mixed the appropriate synthetic antiserum, Carolina® Synthetic Blood forms clumps in the same way, for a realistic blood typing result. It’s the closest to authentic blood typing that you can get without using real blood.

Colorful & Tasty

Determining Flavor

The Connection Between Taste, Smell, and Flavor The sense of taste and smell are closely related. Humans can distinguish 5 […]

Human Musculature

Muscular System

Flex and extend, contract and relax! You may have heard these commands in an exercise or dance class. They’re also […]

Human skin detailed diagram

Integumentary System

The integumentary system is made up of the skin, hair, and nails. Its main functions are protection, regulation, and sensation. […]

It Takes Guts to Teach A&P

Anatomy and physiology (A&P) is such a high-stakes endeavor for your students. All of them will be challenged some will excel, and many will struggle to master it– even though career goals and dreams are on the line.

Lower Leg

The Anatomy of a Human Leg

Sculpting the musculature of the lower leg Human anatomy is often taught using a systems approach—skeletal system, nervous system, digestive […]

human fertilization

Reproductive System

It’s time to have the sex talk! We have materials to help make teaching the reproductive system easy and less […]