Dissection, the NGSS, and Three-Dimensional Instruction

by Carolina Staff

Are you looking for ways to integrate dissection into your three-dimensional instruction? We’re here to help with teaching tips and resources, webinars, lab kits, and supplies.

The Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS) do not explicitly refer to dissection, but you can easily meet several science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and performance expectations with dissection. It’s an ideal way to emphasize hands-on, minds-on learning while getting your students excited about science.

Check out the resources below for ideas on how to do it!

Dissection Webinars

View Frog Dissection Guide

View Fetal Pig Dissection Guide

Dissection Articles

Next Generation Dissections

Dissection Artifacts for Three-Dimensional Instruction

Dissection Kits that Support the NGSS and 3-D Instruction

Carolina® Forensic Dissection

Carolina Forensic Dissection Kit

With this unique lab activity, students dissect a pig while modeling the protocols used by a pathologist for a human autopsy.

Cladograms and Evolution

Cladograms and Evolution Kit

Use external features and DNA evidence to argue evolutionary relationships among a set of organisms.

Carolina Dissection BioKit®

Carolina Dissection BioKits

The Carolina BioKit Dissection Series is getting a make-over! Most of these classroom kits have been updated to support NGSS and 3-dimensional instruction. Each updated kit includes materials for at least 30 students, a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, and a reproducible Student Guide. The Student Guide provides a phenomenon and driving question; step-by-step dissection instructions with labeled, color photographs and illustrations; assessments; and more! Digital resources are also included. Kits are also available with or without Carolina’s reusable dissection mats! Look for BioKits that have been “updated to support NGSS and 3-dimensional instruction”.

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