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by Carolina Staff
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It’s time to plan your school year. You may be teaching the required courses–biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or physics–or you may be teaching an elective like anatomy and physiology, forensics, genetics, STEM, or an AP® class. In all reality, you’re probably planning and preparing for more than one course, and that’s a lot of hands-on science. Carolina is here with resources that can ease your planning and prepping stress.

Pacing Guides and Course Correlations

We provide model pacing guides for the four-course model (life science, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science) and three-course model (integrating earth and space science into life and physical science). Each pacing guide breaks the course into 36 weeks and organizes content into instructional segments. There is a kit recommendation for each week based on the performance expectations laid out by the NGSS. If you teach an International Baccalaureate science class, we also offer a topic and subtopic list with kit and activity selections. Texas, Florida, and West Virginia also have state standards-based kit selections to help make planning easier.

Common Textbook Correlations

Does your planning and preparation include scheduling hands-on activities that follow a textbook sequence? We prepared common textbook chapters with kits and activities correlations. We have life science (5 books), chemistry (5 books), physics (4 books), and earth and space science (3 books) available for your use and download.

Buying Guides

Save time with our curated buying guides. Whether you need general laboratory glassware and equipment, lab safety equipment and PPE, biotech equipment, dissection specimens, or microbiology cultures, our buying guides put topic-related materials in a list, so you don’t have to spend valuable time searching for the materials and equipment you need to teach your classes.

Safety Resources

Safety first! First on your mind and the first topic of the year to teach or review. We have resources for you and your students to simplify your planning and save time. We have course-specific safety agreements and a general one for you to print or upload to the class website or your learning management system (LMS):

Explore articles on chemical storage, chemical grades, and teacher responsibilities. Every chemical that we sell has an up-to-date and downloadable safety data sheet to help you prepare your chemical hygiene plan. Remind your students of appropriate lab behavior with our lab safety rules infographic as you plan course lab activities. Print as many as you need to ensure every student is prepared before the lab begins. Dissection safety and preservative information is also available to refresh your and your students’ awareness before a dissection activity. 

Course Lab Bundles

If you’re limited on time and ready to simplify the process, we can help with complete course lab bundles. The bundle options cover life science, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and you can select the number of kits you want to use. Options cover from about 4 kits to 30 kits per course. Planning and the brunt of your prepping and materials shopping is finished. Through Carolina Science Online, our LMS, you can even get some help grading!

187902 Carolina Kits 3D® Life Science Bundles
847902 Carolina Kits 3D® Chemistry Bundles
311903 Carolina Kits 3D® Earth and Space Science Bundles
757902 Carolina Kits 3D® Physics Bundles

Free Content

If you’re planning to add new lab activities to your course, check out the free activities we offer. Our knowledge center has information and activities organized by discipline, making content easy to find. Carolina Essentials activities are built around the NGSS, employ phenomenon-based learning, and address performance expectations in life science, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science. The activities are delivered digitally, and teacher resources can be downloaded and saved. Student resources are a fillable PDF that can be printed, saved, or uploaded to your class website or learning management system, saving you planning and prep time.

We’re here to support your course planning and preparation with free content, advice, and the materials you need to prepare for an exciting, hands-on science course.

*Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of WestEd. Neither WestEd nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.

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