Rat Reproduction

Examining the reproductive system of the rat, students have the opportunity to compare male and female organs, study internal fertilization, […]

Bees, Butterflies, and Flowers

Background Spring’s arrival is marked by days that start to grow longer, temperatures that begin to rise, and the many […]

Five Misconceptions in Genetics

Students may bring a variety of misconceptions with them when they enter a study of genetics. Watch your classroom for […]

Our Most Popular Life Science Kits Help Students Thrive

Did you know that you can cover your biology course, start to finish, with Carolina’s top-selling kits? These 10 kits will get your students hands-on experiments, model generation, and data analysis, while meeting your course standards. Repeatedly chosen by thousands of teachers, these kits can help your students thrive, too.

African wildlife enjoy a water source

Ecology: Ecosystem Interactions

Carolina has everything you need to teach ecology. This guide on ecosystem interactions, breaks down the important information students need to know, provides links to products and free digital resources, and includes suggestions for hands-on-labs that reinforce student learning.

A fish visits the beach during summer break.

Caring for Classroom Critters Over Breaks

It’s the end of the school year and your classroom is filled with critters in your aquarium, terrarium, or petri dishes. What do you do with them over summer break?

Venus flytrap - dionaea muscipula with trapped fly

Carnivorous Plants

What do you think of when you hear the term carnivorous plant? Does it conjure up images of man-eating plants deep within a tropical jungle, perhaps science experiments gone bad, or even Audrey II from the 1960 movie, The Little Shop of Horrors?