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Care Guides for Living Organisms

Helping you provide the right care for your critters.

Using living organisms for labs and instruction can greatly enhance and extend student learning. Whether you’re using microorganisms for an experiment, raising and crossing Wisconsin Fast Plants®, or keeping an aquarium full of fish as classroom pets, knowing how to care for the organisms is critical to their survival and usefulness in learning.

That’s why we’ve created these care guides. Each one includes quick start information to let you know what you need to do as soon as your organism arrives. We’ve also included general information about the organism, and specific information on habitat and feeding. Culturing information is provided for organisms that can be easily cultured. Many of the care guides feature videos that provide quick access to information and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

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Plants, protists, and microorganisms

Algae Cultures

Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates



Wisconsin Fast Plants®



Brine Shrimp


Drosophila (fruit flies)


Lady Bug Larvae

Painted Lady Butterfly



Tardigrades (water bears)

Terrestrial Isopods (pill bugs, roly-polys)

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