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Check Them Out: A&P Materials Checklists

As an anatomy and physiology (A&P) teacher, you have to make decisions about scheduling, content, and lab activities—all vying for your time and money, which are often in short supply. Time spent online or leafing through a catalog to identify purchase and shipping options is not time well spent for you. So it’s imperative that you use the money you have on high-quality supplies that positively impact student performance and that the time you must spend obtaining these supplies is minimal. Carolina can help make your A&P purchasing easy, efficient, and effective.

More than Convenient

We have gathered lists of general supplies for basic safety, anatomy and physiology I, and anatomy and physiology II to help make your shopping simpler and less time consuming. The lists have just what you and your students need—models, lab activity kits, dissection specimens and equipment, microscopes and prepared microscope slides, to name a few—so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find supplies.

The A&P Shopping List, designed for a class of 30 students, is also at—just click, select a delivery date, and get back to your students. If there is something you want but don’t see on the lists, give us a call or email us. We’ll be happy to locate what you need to make your course outstanding, so you and your students have the best teaching and learning opportunities possible.

A&P Shopping Lists

General Anatomy & Physiology Supplies

590955 Wolfe CFL Educational Microscope QTY 15

591704 Wolfe Microscope Dust Cover, Standard QTY 15

228021 Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Cat, 18″+, Double Injection QTY 15

220120A Carolina’s Wetting Solution, 16 oz QTY 2

576720 See-Through Sally Human Anatomy Chart QTY 2

311968 Beginner’s Human Tissue Microscope Slide Set QTY 5

312040 Human Connective Tissue Microscope Slide Set QTY 5

311960 All About Me Microscope Slide Set QTY 5

246772 Altay Economy Plastic Human Skeleton QTY 2

249892W Skeleton Dust Cover QTY 2

629068 Large Animal Dissection Tray, 16 x 30″, with pad QTY 15

629069 Large Animal Dissection Tray Cover QTY 15

621136 Intermediate Dissecting Set I, Molded Plastic Case QTY 15

646700 Carolina Safety Spectacles QTY 30

706335 Nitrile Gloves, Small, 100 per box QTY 2

706336 Nitrile Gloves, Medium, 100 per box QTY 2

706337 Nitrile Gloves, Large, 100 per box QTY 2

706245 Laboratory Aprons, Adult Size (36 X 43″), pk of 10 QTY 3

A&P I Supplies

247822 Human Bone Structure Model QTY 4

569411 Carolina Human Female Skeletal Pelvis QTY 4

569410 Carolina Human Male Skeletal Pelvis QTY 4

566644 Altay Miniature Human Muscular Figure QTY 4

566713 Altay Human Muscular Arm Model QTY 4

566717B Altay Human Muscular Leg Model QTY 4

566804 Altay Human Nervous System Model QTY 2

228719 Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Sheep Brain QTY 15

629011 Standard Aluminum Pan with Pad QTY 30

569420 Carolina Human Brain Model QTY 4

566799 Altay Human Vertebrae Spinal Cord Dissection Model QTY 2

566798A Denoyer-Geppert Deluxe Human Spinal Cord Model QTY 2

567419 Somso Human Neuron Model QTY 2

566790C Altay Human Regional Brain Model QTY 4

566786 Somso Human Brain Ventricles Model QTY 2

228906 Carolina’s Perfect Solution Cow Eye, Plain, Bulk Bag QTY 15

569435 Carolina Human Eye Model QTY 4

566757 Altay Economy Human Eye in Orbit Model QTY 2

569430 Carolina Human Ear Model QTY 4

569490 Carolina Enlarged Skin Model QTY 4

567666 Human Skin with Burn Pathologies Model QTY 2

694502 Carolina BioKits: Exploring Human Senses QTY 1

566933 Altay Human Endocrine Organs Model QTY 2

A&P II Supplies

566835 Altay Human Blood Cell Types Model QTY 2

700101 Carolina ABO-Rh Typing with Synthetic Blood Kit QTY 1

566841A Altay Human Circulatory System Model QTY 2

691003 Carolina STEM Challenge: Circulatory System 8-Station Kit QTY 1

569440 Carolina Human Heart Model QTY 2

228565 Carolina’s Perfect Solution Pig Heart, Plain, Bulk Bag QTY 15

566903A Altay Human Heart Model QTY 4

566895B Altay Human Digestive System Model QTY 2

567460 3B Microanatomy of the Digestive System Model QTY 2

566915B Altay Human Respiratory System Model, 2-parts QTY 2

692600 Breathing Fitness Kit QTY 1

692670 Portable Dry Spirometer QTY 10

692671 Disposable Mouthpieces for Dry Spirometer, pk of 100 QTY 1

692636 Lung Function Model QTY 2

228588 Carolina’s Perfect Solution Pig Kidney, Triple Injection QTY 4

569460 Carolina Human Kidney Model QTY 4

566923A Altay Human Kidney, Nephron and Renal Corpuscle Model QTY 2

566927A Altay Human Male and Female Urogenital Systems Model QTY 2

695801 Modeling Kidney Function Kit QTY 1

695830 Carolina BioKits: Urine Examination QTY 1

566937 Altay Human Male Reproductive System Model QTY 2

566939 Altay Human Female Reproductive System Model QTY 2

566934A Altay Human Ovary Model QTY 2

228932 Formalin Bull Testicle, Plain, Bulk Bag QTY 15

563118 Altay Spermatogenesis Model QTY 2

566721A Altay Human Female Half Pelvis QTY 4

566721 Altay Human Male Half Pelvis QTY 4

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