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anatomy and physiology

As an anatomy and physiology (A&P) teacher, you have to make decisions about scheduling, content, and lab activities–all vying for your time and money, which are often in short supply. Time spent online or leafing through a catalog to identify purchase and shipping options is not time well spent for you. So it’s imperative that you use the money you have on high-quality supplies that positively impact student performance and that the time you must spend obtaining these supplies is minimal. Carolina can help make your A&P purchasing easy, efficient, and effective.

Top Products for Your A&P Labs

We have gathered lists of general supplies for basic safety, anatomy and physiology I, and anatomy and physiology II and highlighted top products for your A&P Labs. The products shown here and the lists have just what you and your students need–models, lab activity kits, dissection specimens and equipment, microscopes and prepared microscope slides, to name a few–so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find supplies.

Our A&P Shopping Lists, designed for a class of 30 students, is also at—just select all items you’d like to purchase, select a delivery date, and get back to your students. If there is something you want but don’t see on the lists, give us a call or email us. We’ll be happy to locate what you need to make your course outstanding, so you and your students have the best teaching and learning opportunities possible.

A&P Shopping Lists

General Anatomy & Physiology Supplies

Wolfe® CFL Educational Microscope with Mechanical Stage

This microscope has fluorescent illumination that radiates little or no heat compared to lower-priced models with tungsten illumination—a very important benefit when you’re working with live microorganisms. #590955

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Non-latex construction ensures students experience no latex-related reactions. Features stronger material than other types of gloves and offers more resistance to many types of chemicals, including oils and tissue fats. #706337

Laboratory Aprons Value Pack

Heavyweight, transparent vinyl apron is inert to most chemicals. Features include cotton neckstrap stitched into hem with reinforcements at stress points and tie-string waist. Ten aprons per pack. #706245

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Preserved Cats

Cats preserved in safe, nontoxic Carolina’s Perfection Solution and dry-packed in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, one per bag. Plastic bags and waterproof student name tags are furnished free with each cat. #228001

Intermediate Dissecting Set I

Teacher’s Choice! This set contains high-quality instruments recommended for advanced biology courses. Comes in a molded plastic case. #621136

A&P I Supplies

Carolina BioKits®: Exploring Human Senses

The experiments in this kit explore the reception of stimuli by various sense organs and interpretation of this data by the brain. Students test their own senses as they rotate through 10 stations. #694502

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Preserved Cow Eyes

Because of their larger size, preserved cow eyes give your students the opportunity to examine the structures of the eye in greater detail. Cow eyes are anatomically similar to humans and other mammals allowing students to examine structural adaptations for vision and much more. #228906

Formalin Preserved Sheep Brains

Sheep brains are the perfect specimens to study mammalian brain structure. A sheep brain is similar to a human brain and the structures are easily identified. Standard formalin sheep brains are shipped in Carosafe®, Carolina’s proprietary shipping and holding fluid. #228711

3B® Human Skeleton

If you are looking for a great skeleton for an exceptional price, then look no further! As one of Carolina’s best sellers, this quality replica of the human skeleton will be an asset to teaching skeletal anatomy in your classroom. #246875

Altay Miniature Human Muscular Figure

Bestseller! Compact, highly detailed human figure gives excellent overview of superficial musculature. All muscles are positioned and sized to correct scale. Mounted on a durable polymer base. #566644

A&P II Supplies

Carolina® ABO-Rh Typing with Synthetic Blood Kit

The ability to type blood is an invaluable tool in medicine and criminology. Using this kit, students test 4 synthetic blood samples to identify their ABO and Rh blood types. The simulated agglutination reactions are extremely realistic. #700101

Carolina BioKits®: Urine Examination

Examination of the urine is an essential procedure for diagnosing human disease. With this kit, students test normal and abnormal simulated urine specimens and determine probable disorders. Included are tests for color, pH, specific gravity, glucose, and protein. #695830

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Preserved Sheep Hearts

Sheep hearts, though a bit smaller in size, are anatomically and functionally like human hearts. Dissecting Carolina’s Perfect Solution® sheep hearts allows students to explore the external and internal anatomy of the mammalian heart. #228774

Portable Dry Spirometer

Measurements of lung functions can vary dramatically from person to person. You can easily demonstrate and measure these differences in your classroom with this accurate, easy-to-use, handheld, dry spirometer. It measures vital capacity, tidal volume, and expiratory reserve volume. Students can then calculate inspiratory reserve volume and inspiratory capacity from these values. #692670

Somso® Human Lymphatic System Model

This 1-part relief model depicts the human lymphatic system with utmost accuracy. Lymphatic vessels, ducts, and lymph nodes are easily identified on this medical-quality model. Significant structures are numbered and a key is included. On green base. #566842

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