Investigating Phenomena: What Causes the Dry Ice Explosion?

by carolinastaff
dry ice

Carolina Phenomenon

Phenomena-driven science! Phenomena are observable, naturally occurring events that are everywhere and spark student questions and investigations. Ask students to observe the DCI-linked phenomenon in the video and complete the attached student sheet prior to remote learning discussions.

Observations: Carefully watch the ice/pipet explosion video. Gather all the evidence you can from the video, and write down everything you observe.

Generate Questions: What phase changes are taking place? What makes the pipet expand and then split? What makes the surrounding water move after the explosion? How does the temperature of the dry ice change?

Research (include sources):

Final Explanation: Use a written explanation, graphic, or flow chart to present your final explanation for the dry ice/pipet explosion.

CO2OL Demonstrations with Dry Ice Kit

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