Launching Biotech Careers through HudsonAlpha

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HudsonAlpha captures students’ interest in biotechnology jobs.

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is a leader in developing and applying biotechnology to benefit human health and well-being. As part of its mission, it offers educational outreach to immerse future scientists in hands-on learning experiences that support careers in biotechnology.

Laboratory Activities That Spark Curiosity

As educators, we look for that moment where our students become completely engaged in their learning. HudsonAlpha education kits are designed to make even the most challenging genetics concepts uncomplicated in the most creative ways. These kits help build problem-solving skills through hands-on activities as students gather patient histories, generate pedigrees, analyze DNA-based diagnostic tests, and much more. There’s no sitting on the sidelines here–your students are engaged as they learn by doing.

Have your students ever asked what types of people perform the lab skills they’re learning or what they can do if they study biotechnology? HudsonAlpha kits put students in the role of biotechnology professionals, leading them to make important real-world connections. For example, students don’t simply go through the steps of a karyotyping activity:

  • They function just as an actual cytogeneticist working in a hospital or clinic does.
  • They review patient histories and assemble the karyotype.
  • They are the ones who determine the genetic abnormality.

With HudsonAlpha kits, there are dozens of scenarios where students play the role of professionals in the biotechnology field: research scientists, genetic counselors, laboratory technicians, and bioinformaticians. Students are exposed to the actual modern molecular tools that help diagnose genetic disorders in laboratories around the world today. They also benefit from additional content that includes web-based exercises and activities featuring career profiles of scientists who work in these fields.

HudsonAlpha education kits engage students in biotechnology.

Proud to Partner

Carolina Biological Supply Company is proud to partner with HudsonAlpha in its mission to prepare the future biotechnology workforce and in cultivating an awareness of the influence of genetics and biotechnology on the lives of all citizens. Bring these supporting hands-on kits into your classroom, exclusively through Carolina.

Need help with hands-on science while teaching remotely? We have options for you! Reach out to us at, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

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