Announcing Carolina Partnership with ChristianaCare

by Carolina Staff
We’re proud to announce our partnership with ChristianaCare! The Gene Editing Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary of ChristianaCare, is a worldwide leader in CRISPR gene editing technology and the only institute of its kind based within a community health care system. The Gene Editing Institute takes a patient-first approach in all its research to improve the lives of people with cancer and inherited diseases. Educators at the Gene Editing Institute aim to inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists through novel experiments tailored to students and teachers.

Together, Carolina and the Gene Editing Institute create and provide authentic lab experiences for students to discover and learn about CRISPR gene editing with the shared goals of empowering, inspiring, and engaging the next generation of scientists. We accomplish this by making available innovative educational kits with curriculum and support that make it easy for teachers and students to learn and perform CRISPR reactions. Additionally, the Learning Lab at the Gene Editing Institute provides hands-on, in-person training to teachers and students at their facility in Delaware and at schools throughout the northeastern United States.

CRISPR in a Box™ Available for purchase now!

crispr in a box

An Authentic Gene Editing Experience–a laboratory kit for high and college instruction

Available only from Carolina, CRISPR in a Box™ is designed to be a safe and approachable laboratory kit for use with high school and college students. Explore Nobel-Prize-winning CRISPR technology by breaking down each portion of the gene editing reaction into fundamental steps, creating teachable moments along the way.

Kits to Use with CRISPR in a Box™

Making the Cut with CRISPR-Case9© Set
Model how the Cas9 protein is programmed with RNA to search for and identify specific sequences of DNA before making the double-stranded cut.

Practice Pipetting Stations Kit
Train your students to measure, dispense, and mix liquids accurately with perfection every time.

Equipment to Use with CRISPR in a Box™

Carolina® Mini Dry Bath
Carolina® Research Pipettors
Frosty Mate™ Color Change Freezer Racks

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