Packaging Options for Preserved Specimens

by Carolina Staff
Preserved Frogs

Pail-packed or vacuum-packed specimens? Compare the advantages of these package types before you decide.

Pail-packed specimens

Pail-packed specimens are packaged in 1- to 5-gallon pails, fully immersed in preservation fluid and sealed with leak-proof lids. Pails are easy to store, and they keep specimens fresh for months to years.

This package type is ideal for teachers who use specimens over multiple semesters. Simply reimmerse specimens until the next dissection period.

You can purchase additional Carolina’s Perfect Solution® holding fluid or Carosafe® (for formalin specimens) to add to pails.

Quantity discounts are available for all pail-packed specimens.

Pail-packed Frog Specimens

Vacuum-packed specimens

Vacuum-packed specimens are packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic barrier bags that are leak-proof and easy to open. We offer specimens single-packed (1 per bag) or bulk-packed (multiple specimens per bag).

If you plan to use specimens immediately or only need to store specimens for a few months, these package types are the ideal option. We recommend using vacuum-packed specimens within a year.

Once opened, the specimens can be stored for weeks. To retain moisture, keep tissues pliable, and prevent mold growth, we recommend using Carolina’s Wetting Solution between lab periods. After spraying specimens, return them to the original bag and seal using binder clips or rubber bands. Place this bag in a second resealable bag for additional protection.

Vacuum-packed specimens are lighter and less expensive to ship than pail-packed specimens.

Single-packed Frog Specimen

1 per bag

Single-packed specimens are convenient and easy to distribute to students. Quickly set up for lab by handing out individually packaged specimens to each group. Keep in mind that quantity discounts are not available for single-packed specimens.

Bulk-bagged Frog Specimens

Bulk bag

Bulk-bagged specimens are great for teachers who use multiple specimens at once. Consider buying in bulk when purchasing many specimens–quantity discounts are available.

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