Boost Your Anatomy and Physiology Lab Budget with Grants

by Carolina Staff
teacher and students

Budgets and all the administrative work around them are always top frustrations and stressors for lab managers and college or high school anatomy and physiology (A&P) instructors. We’d like to help you because we understand your stress for two reasons.

  • First, many of us on the Carolina team are former instructors–we’ve literally been there.
  • Second, as we partner with faculty and staff like you, our team works all year long to take orders, help you get the most for your budget, and get the supplies you need when you need them. We see the pitfalls and opportunities that await you from the other side.

Additional Funding for Your Anatomy and Physiology Budget

The reality for many institutions, especially high schools, is that there are not enough funds budgeted year to year to really do the things you need to do much less to do the labs you dream about doing. The good news is that grants and funding can help supplement your budget for big items or to stock up on costlier supplies.

The downside, as you know, is the application process takes a lot of time and energy on top of what you’re already doing. We want to point you toward a few handpicked organizations and resources that will help you cut through the noise. We recommend you check out:


For almost 20 years, this organization has been a trusted and tremendous resource for public school classes that need help securing additional funds.

Federal Funding

There may be federal grant money available and applicable to your project. This site lists all the federal agencies with descriptions of their grant programs.


This organization is dedicated to helping schools and teachers identify and secure grants for their educational projects and needs. They have many free resources for you, including a blog, additional articles, webinars, a searchable grant database, and more.

National Science Foundation

Did you know the NSF funds more than 25% of the 40,000+ proposals they receive each year? They have partnered with more than 2,000 colleges, universities, K—12 schools, and other organizations. Its funding resource pages are well-organized and accessible.

Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy

Do you face systemic budget shortages and dilemmas year after year? The Rennie Center is doing remarkable work for education reform in Massachusetts, and its 2012 Smart School Budgeting: Resources for Districts guide is still a great overview of budget problems at the district level. The guide is also full of practical ways to encourage change with decision-makers, and it’s loaded with helpful reference resources for a deeper dive on budgets and resource allocation.

More Help and Takeaway Budget Insights

This article is part of a 3-part series on A&P budgets. The other articles address ways to maximize the spend for your current budget, as well as practical ways you can take the stress out of ordering supplies and equipment. Together, they form an important part of A Survival Guide for A&P Instructors, a resource we’ve compiled with you in mind. Together, we hope we can take some of the stress out of budget planning and product ordering for you and your lab manager.

Additional Reading: Finding Funding

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