Investigating Phenomena: Why Do Fish Swim in Schools?

by carolinastaff
Coral reef

Carolina Phenomenon

Phenomena-driven science! Phenomena are observable, naturally occurring events that are everywhere and spark student questions and investigations. Ask students to observe the DCI-linked phenomenon in the video and complete the attached student sheet prior to remote learning discussions.

Observations: Carefully watch the school of fish video. Gather all the evidence you can from the video, and write down everything you observe.

Generate Questions: How do the fish in the school behave before the predator swims through? How does the fish behavior change as the predator swims through? Is there an advantage or a disadvantage of being in a school? Is there an advantage or disadvantage of being an individual, lone fish? Are there advantages or disadvantages for the predator to attack a school of fish or an individual, lone fish?

Research (include sources):

Final Explanation: Use a written explanation, graphic, or flow chart to present your final explanation for the behavior of the school of fish.

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