The double helix structure of DNA

Molecular Biology

Carolina has everything you need to teach molecular biology. Molecular genetics covers a broad range of topics to understand the important roles of DNA, RNA, and proteins, DNA structure, function, and replication, how genes influence traits, cellular activities, and genetic engineering. Understanding these concepts set the foundation for many other biological concepts.

Mesenchymal stem cells labeled with fluorescent molecules

Genomics: Up to the Minute

HudsonAlpha and Carolina produce quality kits and activities that provide students with a clearer understanding of biotechnology and genomic science.

Electrophoresis Kits

Which Electrophoresis Kit Is Right for You?

Use this companion guide to compare kit characteristics so you can prepare yourself and your lab accordingly.

Electrophoresis of DNA is a fundamental technique in biotechnology that covers a variety of subject material on the structure and function of DNA. Carolina makes the study of electrophoresis attainable for any classroom by offering a number of kits that include valuable teacher resources.