Webinar: Leading High School Science Investigations Remotely

How do you lead a science investigation remotely? Engage students, create explanations, and build students’ inquiry skills when everyone is remote or at a distance.

Nationally recognized science education consultant Kristen Dotti provides teachers with the fundamentals and tips around delivering authentic science education remotely. In this follow-up to Teaching Science Remotely, Kristen offers valuable insight into how teachers can foster greater student engagement and achievement based on genuine inquiry whenever and wherever students learn.

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Kristen Dotti
Kristen Dotti is a geneticist by training and a classroom teacher who has spent 27 years teaching high school AP® and IB® science and mathematics. She writes full-year and case study curricula using exclusively hands-on methods for implementing student-centered, Next Generation Science Standards practices. For the last 15 years, she has worked with schools and districts on long-term improvement plans for the professional development of faculty, focusing in particular on increasing the level of student engagement and critical thinking.

Please contact Kristen at kristen.dotti@catalystlearningcurricula.com, or visit Catalyst Learning Curricula for more information on how she helps teachers.

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