Missed NSTA Engage: Spring21? Let Us Catch You Up

by Carolina Staff

If you were unable to participate in the NSTA conference, we’ve compiled some resources so you can stay informed.

It’s been a busy spring–so busy that many of you may not have had the opportunity to participate in the NSTA Engage: Spring21 virtual conference.

Don’t worry. We’ve made it easy for you to keep informed about our new products, kit lines, and services by providing links used in our presentations. Just scroll down and click on the links you’d like to know more about.

Need general information? Find it fast!

Keynote Address

Integrating Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) in the STEM Classroom

Grades K—12

In this keynote address, Smithsonian Science Education Center Executive Director Dr. Carol O’Donnell discusses how schools can support STEM students and teachers of diverse backgrounds through curricula, professional development, and leadership development that take an integrated approach to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in K—12 STEM. Participants learn about several free Smithsonian resources to integrate inclusive design into K—12 STEM curricula, apply professional development strategies for teaching English learners and girls in STEM, and diversify the STEM teaching workforce.



Supporting Teachers and Students through 3-D Science

Grades K—5

A three-dimensional, phenomena-based science program can help address many of today’s challenges. Using examples from the grades K—5 Building Blocks of Science® 3D program, learn how to identify opportunities to support learning recovery, to engage all learners, and to promote social and emotional learning. Participants share ideas that worked and struggles they still face.

Elementary and Middle School Microscope Buying Guide

Grades K—8

Get information to guide you in making the best microscope selection to meet student needs.


Eye Love Dissection

Grades 6—12

Have you missed dissections? During this hands-on workshop, we dissect and construct a Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model®: Eye to demonstrate how dissection and NGSS converge. Participants received a Carolina’s Perfect Solution® cow eye dissection kit.

Questions and answers from this workshop:

Do all our specimens have accompanying Scienstructables? Most of them do. We have paper Scienstructables for the frog, bird, fetal pig, perch, crayfish, rat, starfish, shark, cat, eye, squid, snake, earthworm, clam, grasshopper, and sponge. For multiple paper dissections, we have an aquatic animals bundle, an invertebrate bundle, a vertebrate bundle, and a comprehensive vertebrate and invertebrate bundle, all of which will save you money.

What are the benefits of Carolina’s Perfect Solution®, our proprietary fluid? Find information about this tissue fixative and preservative at FAQs about Dissection Safety, Preserved Specimens: Safety, Storage, and Disposal, and the SDS.

Can the lens from the eye be saved and used for optics experiments? Yes, Optics of the Human Eye is a great introductory activity with an extensive background for non-physics students.

Additional Reading: Dissection Buying Guide


Fast Tracking Artificial Selection Investigations with a New Wisconsin Fast® Plants Trait

Grades 9—12

Carolina and Wisconsin Fast Plants® are introducing a new easy-to-observe trait to make artificial and natural selection studies easier. We present how to set up experiments and demonstrate options for a fast-track selection timeline that can be used effectively in either remote- or classroom-based contexts.

Additional Reading: Webinar: Adapting a Lesson on Selection to Remote Learning

Carolina 3D Science: Hands-on Science in Flexible Settings

Grades 9—12

Teachers engage in three examples of hands-on investigations, digital investigations, and digital teacher demonstrations from Carolina Kits 3D® investigations for biology, chemistry, and Earth and space science. Activities illustrate how modified in-class, hands-on laboratory investigations are used in socially distanced, in-person classrooms and remote learning settings.

Phenomena Video Gallery

Looking for cool video clips of phenomena to use for your lessons? Engage your students with these short videos.

Carolina STEM Challenge®

Explore unique Carolina STEM Challenge® kits that blend engineering and design with science literacy in an exciting tournament-style format.

Frog Dissection

Need a refresher on frog dissection? This quick guide with videos gives a few pointers!

Biotech Simulator Preview

Get a sneak peek at our new biotechnology simulator. Students can review skills and procedures before entering the lab.

New Products for Anatomy and Physiology

Learn about A&P products and resources you can use during remote and hybrid instruction. Kits, virtual lab options, anatomical models, body systems content, and more are covered.

Carolina’s Perfect Solution® Lab Specimens

See why Carolina’s Perfect Solution® specimens have been teacher favorites in the dissection lab for more than a decade.

Carolina 3D Kits® Development

What does it take to develop quality science kits for today’s three-dimensional learning environment? See how Carolina designs and develops kits that support NGSS for your students.

Lab Safety

Looking for lab safety resources? We have you covered!

Anatomy and Physiology Content

Created for A&P instructors, explore free infographics, budget planning guides, tutorial videos, and more.

College Resources

Carolina’s Support for Anatomy and Physiology

In our exclusive interview series, listen as A&P instructors discuss how Carolina has supported them.

Culture Media Options

Review our culture media options available to ensure you have adequate samples for investigations.

Genetic Corn

Do you need a reliable way to introduce genetics and phenotypic and genotypic ratios? Carolina’s genetic corn is the answer.

Collecting Specimens in the Field

See how Carolina field biologists collect specimens to ensure you have the highest quality organisms possible.

Synthetic Blood

For many reasons, synthetic blood is a viable choice for anatomy instructors. Check out the benefits.

Past Shows and Workshops

If you’ve visited a Carolina workshop at previous NSTA conferences but have forgotten the materials or procedures, we have you covered. All our past workshop presentations and handouts for K—12 are cataloged on our website. If you find workshop activities that you would like help implementing, contact us at product@carolina.com.

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