Fireside Chat: Lesson Study for Teacher Professional Development

by Carolina Staff
Students use manipulatives as part of their hands-on learning.

View the webinar with Dr. Sharon Dotger to get answers to your questions about how lesson study can help fine-tune science instruction.

Lesson study, a teacher professional development tool, is a teaching improvement activity in which instructors jointly develop, teach, observe, analyze, and revise a lesson to promote more effective student learning.

Also known as collaborative lesson research, research study, and learning study, lesson study focuses on the teaching process–not the teacher–as well as the students’ learning process for a particular lesson. It yields teacher learning through its focus on student learning during research lessons and is a success for teachers and students when the teacher learns how to best match their lesson delivery approach with student learning.

To learn more about Lesson Study, read the Case Study: Improving Science Instruction through Lesson Study.

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