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Middle School

Experience the pedagogy of OpenSciEd for middle school by engaging in a model lesson from the new Carolina Certified Version. In this workshop, teachers will experience the four elements of the anchoring phenomenon routine. Teachers will experience firsthand how the anchoring phenomenon routine motivates students to explore real-world phenomena. During the workshop teachers will develop strategies for creating a driving question board and encouraging equitable classroom discourse.

The anchoring phenomenon featured in this workshop is from the OpenSciEd Unit 6.1: Light & Matter. The workshop begins with observing a video of the real-world phenomenon of a one-way mirror (15 min). Participants document what they observe on a notice and wonder chart. Next, they explore a model of the phenomenon to begin to identify key elements of the phenomenon to investigate (15 min). Using the experience with the model, participants begin to make sense of the phenomenon as they work together to develop a consensus model and identify related phenomenon through equitable discourse (15 min). In the final part of the anchoring phenomenon routine participants develop a driving question board based on the previous experiences and determine the next element of the phenomenon to investigate (15 min).

The workshop concludes with an examination of all five of the instructional routines in OpenSciEd unit using the science storyline for Unit 6.1: Light & Matter (20 min).

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