A student loads DNA into an agarose gel.

Engage your students by going hands-on with a classic technique in molecular biology known as restriction analysis. These kits were developed in cooperation with the DNA Learning Center (DNALC) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In this video, watch experts from the DNALC perform restriction analysis and explain how to use this technique for teaching DNA, restriction enzymes, and gel electrophoresis.

211103 DNA Restriction Analysis Kit

DNA Restriction Analysis Kit

This classic lab was developed in cooperation with the DNA Learning Center. Students perform restriction digests on bacteriophage lambda DNA, conduct electrophoretic analysis of the reactions, and stain the resulting gel. They then observe and analyze the stained patterns of fragments separated by size during gel electrophoresis.

Beginning—Easy to perform; requires little or no prior knowledge.

Helpful Videos

To help you teach restriction analysis and similar gel electrophoresis techniques to your students this year, consider using these videos as instructional support.

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