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Are Biotechnology Lab Kits Worth the Investment?

Four reasons you should consider using Carolina biotechnology lab kits in your classroom.

Deciding which materials to use in your biotechnology classroom can be daunting. When considering classroom kits, you may wonder “Are they worth it?” Depending on your needs, we believe classroom kits are cost-effective solutions for many educators that offer students invaluable phenomena-based learning experiences.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider using Carolina biotechnology lab kits in your classroom.

1. Better, more reproducible results

Product developers testing a new kit in the laboratory.

We know what works in the classroom because we listen to and collaborate with the best educational institutions and instructors. Every activity is carefully designed, and the materials are deliberately chosen and fine-tuned to work together. When you purchase a Carolina biotechnology kit, you get much more than a box of materials. You get a teaching tool that has been developed by dedicated educators like you and field tested in the lab and in classrooms to yield better, more reproducible results. To help you make decisions on the kits best for you we have a guide for electrophoresis kits and one for pcr kits.

2. Quality and technical support

Reagent labels include tracking information to aid in troubleshooting.

It can be frustrating to spend days on lab experiments and end up with no results for students to submit or discuss. That’s why we manufacture many kit materials in-house and closely monitor, QC inspect, and catalog kit materials that leave our facility. Look at the labels on the materials shown in the photo. The information on them tells our technical team when, where, and how the reagents were made—all of which helps them troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. If you ever have a technical issue or question, you can always call us at 800.334.5551for timely, expert help or get help here.

3. The 3-D experience

Engage students in science and engineering practices as they explore phenomena. Shown: Exploring Electrophoresis Using Forensic DNA Evidence Classroom Kit (item #211034)

Carolina offers close to 100 kits for three-dimensional learning. Kits are built from the ground up to provide phenomenon-based experiences that engage students in scientific and engineering practices while applying core ideas and crosscutting concepts. These experiences are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. Our 3-D friendly kits with their unique assortment of digital resources—including teacher’s manuals, fill-in answer sheets, editable assessment questions, and more—provide your students with an integrated 3-D learning experience.

4. Time saving

Carolina biotechnology kits feature ready-to-use components to reduce teacher prep time. Shown: Examining the RNAi Mechanism Kit (item #211392)

Teachers share many of the same challenges. A major one is time—there is never enough. Carolina biotechnology kits save you prep time with prepared media, room temperature stable reagents, loading dye incorporated into primer mix, and other ready-to-use components. Our kits also employ easy-to-follow methods and instructions that do much to eliminate time-wasting confusion and frustration. All these features enable you to spend less time managing the lab and more time teaching it.

Carolina biotechnology lab kits are easy for students to use, designed by researchers and developers to be reliable, employ current biotechnology protocols, and are cost effective. We believe you will find them more than worth your time and effort. They are ready to support you in the classroom as your instructional partner with biotechnology resources and expert advice.

If you have any questions about our biotechnology kits, email us at biotech@carolina.com or call us at 800.334.5551.

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