Take the Stress and Rush Out of Ordering Your A&P Lab Materials

Last-minute ordering stress is a common problem for many lab managers and anatomy and physiology instructors. For one reason or another, you’ve put off placing an order for supplies or equipment, and the next semester or the end of your school’s fiscal year is looming large.

We know how much you dread that last-minute scramble and worry about spending your budget before you lose it, or maybe not having what you need for your next course. We’ve got help for even the most hardened of procrastinators!

This article is part of Carolina’s 3-part A&P budget series. Other articles cover practical ways we can help you get more for critical products in your current budget and how to cut through the clutter of information about grants and funding to supplement your budget. And of course, budget help is just one part of our comprehensive Survival Guide for A&P Instructors we made just for you. For now, let’s dive in and see what we can do to take the stress out of your inventory and ordering this year.

Get a Quote

Getting a quote from our team could save you a lot of money, and it definitely streamlines the process for you when it’s time to place your order. Your school or school district may have contract pricing with Carolina. When you call or email us for a quote, we’ll be able to quickly check and confirm you’re getting the best price for your order. Large orders sometimes qualify for a discount as well, so email or call us for a quote for the best price.

After you make your request, we’ll send the quote back to you within 24 hours. When it’s time to place your order, simply reference the quote number to get that pricing! The Carolina team wants to make it easy for you to avoid rushed decisions about what and how much to buy at the last minute.

Take Advantage of Early Ordering

We’re discovering that many of our customers simply don’t realize that, in most cases, they can place their orders far in advance of when they need the supplies.

Stay Ahead of Spring Semester Deadlines

Since your spring A&P classes will start in early January, don’t wait until the first or second week of December to try and place an order for supplies. Early ordering can short circuit that kind of last-minute scenario.

Stay Ahead of Fall Semester Deadlines

For most schools, you’ll be able to have a decent handle on your inventory levels and needs for the next semester by the end of October. Get your quote then and place your order by November! Give us your order and delivery date, and we can work out shipping that ensures your order will arrive when you need it. Maybe it will help to remember it this way: if you can get your A&P supplies order placed by Thanksgiving or fall break, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress!

Avoid an End-of-Fiscal-Year Crunch

The same ordering scenario applies to the big fiscal-year deadline you may face each summer. If you’re a high school instructor, aim for an April inventory. Then place your order in May or early June for your August delivery so you’re ready for the start of the new school year.

College and university lab managers should strive for an inventory after spring break and order by the end of March, ideally. That will help you avoid the crunch of having things shipped, invoiced, and delivered before your end-of-year deadline in May or June.

Set Reminder Events in Your Calendar…Do It Now

You know generally when you’ll be able to do an inventory of your supplies and equipment. And you know when you’ll need supplies delivered, at least roughly. Whatever calendar you use to keep yourself on track, pull it up and set reminders for:

1. Completing your inventory

2. Building your order list

3. Placing your order (Remember this needs to be at least 30 days before you need your order on hand.)

In less than five minutes, you can take a big step forward in saving yourself huge headaches later. No, really—do it now—we’ll wait!

Take Some Budget Help with You

Hopefully, you’re already breathing a little easier when you think about your budget and order in the future. At Carolina, our customers depend on us as a trusted supplier of high-quality materials and innovative technology for the classroom, but we hope you’ll also start to see us as partners who are here to help you and your students succeed. We know A&P is a high-stakes course for you and them, and we’re here to help you optimize the lab experience at every step along the way.

Download a copy of our “Maximizing Your Anatomy and Physiology Budget” infographic. It has additional tips, resources, and helpful information for you.

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