Webinar: Life Cycle and Growth and Development

by Carolina Staff
fast plants

Join us for a live webinar to explore hands-on-learning opportunities using Wisconsin Fast Plants®.

Life Cycle and Growth and Development with Wisconsin Fast Plants®

One lesson we can take away from 2020 is the importance of hands-on learning and how valuable classroom time is for creating learning opportunities. How can we build on those experiences to bring even more value to our hands-on lessons?

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll show you how to take typical seed germination and plant life cycle lessons and create opportunities for minds-on learning with engaging, rapid-growing plants. We’ll share lessons and strategies for integrating students’ experiences germinating seedlings, growing plants, and pollinating flowers with key science concepts, structure and function relationships, and scientific practices.

Experienced educators from the Wisconsin Fast Plants® Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Carolina Biological Supply Company will share a variety of strategies and NGSS-aligned resources for teaching the whole life cycle of flowering plants with Fast Plants®. We’ll demonstrate everything you need to know to successfully grow the plants–even if it’s your first time. We’ll also share tried-and-true resources and NGSS lessons for elementary and middle school levels.

A complete NGSS lesson will also be provided.


Jennifer Aicher

Montessori Elementary Educator

Milwaukee Public Schools

Hedi Baxter Lauffer

Director of Teaching and Learning

Wisconsin Fast Plants Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Julie Stubbs

Product Manager for Zoology, Botany, and Microbiology

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Products and resources featured in the webinar:

Wisconsin Fast Plants Life Cycle, Growth, and Development

Wisconsin Fast Plants of the University of Wisconsin

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