Webinar: Take Your Anatomy Labs Online

by carolinastaff
online dissection

Experience the VH Dissector Virtual Anatomy Lab–built on real anatomical imaging–and learn how to implement it in your A&P course.

Get a firsthand look at how the Touch of Life Technologies VH Dissector Virtual Anatomy Lab can supplement in-person instruction and serve as the laboratory component of an online anatomy and physiology course. Built on real anatomy from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project®, the VH Dissector platform provides students with realistic learning as they interact with correlated three-dimensional and cross-sectional views of more than 2,000 human structures.

During the webinar, you’ll view demonstrations of the features and functions that enable students to understand complex structural arrangements of the human body through identification, dissection, reconstruction, and rotation. The VH Dissector also provides self-assessment quizzes to promote concept retention and enables students to explore core clinical skills and clinical imaging.


Carolina Biological Supply Company–Jennifer Baker, Product Manager for Anatomy and Physiology

Touch of Life– Greg Spitzer, Chief Operating Officer, and Laura Weinkle, Director of Customer Success, Anatomist, Application Specialist

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