Why use butterflies in your classroom? Butterflies demonstrate many important principles and concepts of biology, including life cycles, food chains, animal behavior, and structure and function.

Butterfly Care

We ship egg, larval, pupal, and adult life stages of this organism. These care instructions are organized by stage.

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Habitats & Accessories

Carolina has you covered with easy all in one butterfly kits and care resources, making the whole process a cinch.


Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheets

Integrate the study of butterflies into your curriculum with these resources. You can download each one or get the e-book Butterfly Activities. (It includes all the activities in a reproducible format.)


Painted Lady Butterfly Care

Learn about painted ladies in the larval, pupal, and adult stages, with emphasis on the larval stage. This video covers habitat setup, maintenance, care, and feeding, along with some answers to frequently asked questions about painted ladies.


Do More with Your Butterflies

Explore activities for every life cycle stage, suitable for every grade level.

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Butterfly Necklace

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