Carolina Biological Supply Company was founded in 1927 and has grown to become the leading supplier of biological and other science education materials in the world. Today, with headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina, and facilities in 2 other states, Carolina Biological serves customers worldwide, including teachers, students, and professionals in health and science-related fields.

With many of the company’s staff having classroom experience, advanced science degrees, or both, Carolina can provide the technical support vital to ensuring that today’s classroom teacher remains current with new developments in science. Often, the information customers need to make their jobs easier is only a phone call or click away. Click Here to contact us.

Diverse Content, Resources, and Products 

Carolina Biological is teamed with teachers and continually provides valuable resources–articles, activities, and how-to videos–to help teachers in their classroom. Since 1938, a company newsletter, Carolina Tips®, has provided free valuable information to help millions of educators and scientists around the world stay current on subjects from acid rain to zymosis.

Everything you need for science education–including living organisms, preserved specimens, anatomical models, laboratory chemicals and equipment, microscopes, prepared microscope slides, and more–can be purchased directly from Carolina. We specialize in serving the traditional K-12/college classroom and lab. We also provide 3D Learning classroom kits, K-8 curriculum programs (Smithsonian’s Science Programs and Building Blocks of Science), and Distance Learning programs for colleges.

Innovation for the Future

Carolina Biological is not content to rest on its past. The spirit of innovation and the excitement of developing new tools for educators are as alive and flourishing today as they were on the day Dr. Powell put his dream into action. Our staff continue to lead the industry as they work with classroom educators to find out what is needed now and will be needed in the future, and then make those ideas a reality for thousands of other teachers.

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