Lab Skills: Serial Dilution

Serial Dilution

A serial dilution is a laboratory technique used to create a series of solutions from an initial stock solution. They can be used to prepare a standard curve or to reduce the concentration of a sample to a manageable level while still being able to calculate the original concentration. A serial dilution can also create a range of experimental conditions.


Our instructional handout, video demonstration, and poster for classroom support will help you get you started.

Instructional Handout

A downloadable PDF to print and share with your class.

Lab Skill Walkthrough Video

Introduce students to serial dilution with this walkthrough video.

Poster for Classroom Support

“Serial Dilution” is available to download.

Measuring and Analyzing Fluorescence

The activities in this kit prepare students for success by building their laboratory skills.

Lab Skills Walkthrough Video

Introduce students to serial dilutions with our lab skill walkthrough video.

Instructional Handout

By using these resources, students will be prepared for labs in your course. Additionally, they’ll develop the same skills used by scientists and industry professionals.

Poster for Classroom Support

Our lab skill poster highlights careers by drawing real-world connections between the skill of creating serial dilutions and how the practice is used for scientific advancement.

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