Multimeter is used to measure an electric current.

Dollar Store Single Function Signal Generator

In this activity, students use a solar-powered model, such as the dancing flowers often sold at discount variety stores. They carefully disassemble the plastic housing and attach a sensor to the capacitor, then use probe ware to graph the voltage across the capacitor.

Egg Vacuum Activity

If you are looking for an attention-getting demonstration of the gas laws for physical science students at any grade level, […]


Make the Invisible Visible

Detecting IR Light with a Smart Phone The sun actually sends out more light than the part we see. Just […]

students gain a deeper understanding of science topics

Summer Science Enrichment and Recovery

Are you planning high school summer science opportunities? Carolina offers technique-based activities for students who love lab work. Science enrichment […]


Optics of the Human Eye

Background Geometric optics explains how optical devices (such as lenses and mirrors) create images by considering that light travels in […]

The Conical Pendulum

An Experiment in Circular Motion and Centripetal Acceleration The conical pendulum lab allows students to investigate the physics and mathematics […]