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National Space Day and Astronomy Day are both in May! Introduce your students to the awe and wonder of the universe! Engage with resources that explore galaxies, black holes, origin of the elements and much more!

Astronomy Assets

Space Essentials

Historical Sunspot Activity: Finding Patterns

In this activity, students use historical data from SILSO, the Royal Observatory of Belgium, to plot the monthly average of sunspots over a 30-year period. From the plot, students determine if a cycle exists, and if one does, the length of the cycle.

Determining the Age of a Star

Use this activity as a student-based or teacher-led phenomenon for a unit on stellar evolution.

Natural Selection of Leaf Thickness on Planet Eorthe, Galaxy Tlaloc

In this introductory activity, students graph and analyze data, observing trends and change over time. The data set consists of leaf thickness measurements taken 4 times during a growing season and the number of fruits produced by plants with each thickness of leaf.

Modeling Lunar Phases

In this activity, students collect data on the lunar phases using a simple Earth-sun-moon model consisting of a flashlight, a foam ball on a pencil, and a circle of paper divided into eighths.

Math in Space

The connection between math and space exploration extends beyond calculations. Apply scientific principles and theory with these hands-on activities.

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