Investigating Phenomena: How Do Bacteria Survive Harsh Conditions?

by carolinastaff
microbiology culture

Carolina Phenomenon

Phenomena-driven science! Phenomena are observable, naturally occurring events that are everywhere and spark student questions and investigations. Ask students to observe the DCI-linked phenomenon in the video and complete the attached student sheet prior to remote learning discussions.

Observations: Carefully watch the bacteria survival video. Gather all the evidence you can from the video, and write down everything you observe.

Generate Questions: What characteristics do bacteria have to have to survive in a hot spring? How are these bacteria different from other bacteria? What causes the orange color around the spring? How hot is thewater, and what chemicals are in it?

Research (include sources):

Final Explanation: Use a written explanation, graphic, or flow chart to present your final explanation for bacteria survival.

Evolution in Real Time: Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance

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