Carolina Kit Development Process

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Think Outside
of the Box

Explore hands-on materials supplemented with print and digital activities and exercises that focus on student success.

We've Got You Covered...

We have material kits with everything you need! Many kits are reusable with an easy replenishment of consumables.

Comprehensive Teachers Manuals

We lay it all out—overview, objectives, time requirements, materials, prep, full teaching guide and student guides, and more. 

Guided Inquiry Approach

Many of our kits focus on this teaching technique so students learn by thinking their way through the activity rather than being told what to do utilizing short-term memorization, which does not last.

Focus on STEM Activities

Find STEM kits that use hands-on activities to focus on a real-world approach to solving problems and integrate NGSS both inside and outside the classroom.  

Student Understanding of Complex Concepts

It’s what we do! We support learning by doing and go to great lengths in our kit activities to reinforce achievement by three-dimensional learning.

Why Choose Us?

We put our money where our mouth is...


Easy, Interactive Teaching Resources

We provide free content for science educators—from buying guides and lab material lists to webinars, workshop materials, and more.


We Save You Time

We are committed to providing the lab kits, instructional materials, and often free activities and supporting digital resources that do as much heavy lifting for you as we can. Our goal is to cut down on your planning and preparation, supplying detailed guidance and instruction to allow you to get all the materials in one place.

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