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Webinar: How to Succeed at Growing Plants in the Classroom

by carolinastaff

Explore strategies for growing Wisconsin Fast Plants®.

How to Succeed at Growing Plants in the Classroom

Have you thought about teaching with plants and using them in experiments in your classroom, but hesitated?

Growing plants in the classroom is one of the easiest ways to introduce students to scientific practices, and Wisconsin Fast Plants® investigations align with 3-dimensional standards at every grade level. As students design robust, engaging experiments, they also build responsibility skills by caring for another living thing.

Whether you’re experienced with growing plants and looking for tips for greater success or you’re new to Fast Plants®, this event is for you.

In the webinar, you’ll learn how to . . .

  • Select the Fast Plants® seed stock that aligns with your learning goals.

  • Get started with a growing and lighting system that will work in your context and for your learning goals.

  • Make sure an existing lighting system is ready for the school year.

  • Choose a soilless planting mix and prepare for planting.

  • Select the right fertilizer option for your needs (time release pellets vs. water soluble powders) and how to set up a zero-fertilizer treatment.

  • Strategize for modifying the temperature in your lighting system and using temperature to your advantage (temperature effects on growth and development).

  • Observe and evaluate or troubleshoot how well the plants are thriving in terms of matter and energy transformations.

  • Improve pollination and seed production: teachable moments for linking structures and functions–plus techniques for producing viable offspring generation seed.

  • Harvest and plant offspring generation seed for selection and plant breeding investigations.


Julie Stubbs

Product Manager for Zoology, Botany, and Microbiology
Carolina Biological Supply Company

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