Webinar: Building Understanding of Mendelian Genetics

by carolinastaff
wisconsin fast plants

Join us for a prerecorded webinar to see a 3-D lesson modeled with Wisconsin Fast Plants®.

Building Understanding of Mendelian Genetics Across Grade Bands Using 3-D Learning

One of the strengths of the 3-D learning model is that it is iterative, continually building on prior understanding. However, implementing it can be difficult.

In this one-hour webinar, we will demonstrate a method of building understanding of Mendelian genetics across multiple grade bands using the same model organism (Wisconsin Fast Plants®). We will begin with a phenomenon, demonstrate some key aspects of the hands-on activity to maximize success, and discuss how the activity can address several scientific and engineering practices.

We will also provide suggestions for expanding the project to incorporate multiple disciplinary core ideas to provide students with an understanding of how scientific concepts are interconnected.


Julie Stubbs

Product Manager for Zoology, Botany, and Microbiology

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Products featured in the webinar:

Wisconsin Fast Plants® 72-Hour Monohybrid Genetics Kit

Wisconsin Fast Plants®: Mendelian Genetics Monohybrid Seed Disk Set

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